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Light and Shadow – Japanese Films

This course examines Japanese films of the twentieth century, from benshi-related silent films through to cel and CGI animation.  Topics for discussion will include wartime and occupation censorship, the visuality Read More

Israeli Fiction: Identity, Globalization and Conflict

Through analysis of leading Israeli authors’ literary works, we explore major themes pertaining to Israeli society’s contemporary character.   Surveyed topics include Zionism and post-Zionism; Globalization; Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Read More

Love, Death, and Gender in Chinese Films

This course introduces students to Chinese culture/society through the cinematic perspective, and acquaints them with a knowledge of Chinese film aesthetic and film making. The course fulfills Multicultural requirements and Read More

Martial Arts, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and the Embodiment of Femininity: The Ancient Chinese Civilization and Its Modern Impact

This course focuses on the ancient origins of the Chinese intellectual traditions, not in a way that explains how they inform the philosophical discourses, but how they ground Chinese cultural Read More

Thrillers, Chillers and Killers

In this interdisciplinary course, students will be able to apply knowledge acquired from their major fields of study to the interpretation of events and the analysis of characters in 19th Read More

Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: Classical Mythology

This course focuses on cosmological myths and heroic sagas in the literature and art of Greece and Rome. The course commences with the birth of the Greek gods and goddesses Read More

Second Language Testing

The rise of the communicative language classroom has led to the inevitable question of how to assess student linguistic competence both overall and at the level of specific content units. Read More

Second Language Testing

This course is designed to provide future language teachers with the knowledge and skills required to develop a variety of classroom assessment methods.  Participants will learn how to implement multiple Read More

Videogames and Latin American Culture

This course explores the relationship between videogames and culture by analyzing both in-game cultural representation and the real-life economic, political and societal effects of games across Latin America. Although this Read More

Videogames and Japanese Culture

This course aims to acquaint students with the major genres of videogames produced by Japanese development companies, as well as the major critical approaches taken by academics to the study Read More