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Modern Israel: History and Culture

Interested in the study of modern Israel’s history and culture? This course will enlighten you in many ways: What are the origins of Zionism? Who is an Israeli Sabra? How Read More

Italian Women Writers II

This course will address the development of female discourse in the poetry, plays, short stories, and short novels of 20th Century Italian women. The class emphasizes the works that best Read More

St. Petersburg in Russian and Soviet Literature in Translation

Come explore Peter the Great’s “Window to the West” through the works of well-known Russian authors such as Dostoevsky, Gogol, Pushkin, Bely and Solzhenitsyn.  Decide for yourself, as the authors Read More

Classical Literature in Translation: Greek Tragedy

Love and lust; murder and madness; violence and vengeance; incest and incantations; witches and warriors; prophets and princes; gods, ghosts, and goddesses…ancient Greek tragedy has all this and more. This Read More

Anti-Heroes in Modern Chinese Literature

This course introduces students to the image of anti-heroes in modern Chinese literature, a counter-tradition endemic to the heroic discourse in the main stream of Confucian orthodoxy and the ideology Read More

Berlin in Literature and Film

The city of Berlin stands at the center of Germany’s political and social turmoil of the last two centuries. Its architecture remains a physical symbol of Prussia’s rise to power Read More

Seminar on Second Language Acquisition Research

This course is an in-depth exploration of topics pertaining to the acquisition of a second or additional language. Class readings and assignments will provide students with an introduction to quantitative Read More

Language Syllabus and Materials Development

Wondering how to select a textbook, or how to put together the syllabus for your next language course? Interested in creating your own teaching materials? This course will give you Read More

Foreign Language Pedagogy Capstone Course

This course, which accompanies your student teaching placement, constitutes a forum in which you will share experiences and reflect on your teaching, benefiting from interaction with your peers and guidance Read More

The Arab Spring in Perspective

The Arab Spring in Perspective looks back at the popular uprising movements as cultural dynamics that aimed to change Arab societies and minds through social and cultural activism; it examines Read More