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Literature & Culture of the Weimar Republic

The Weimar Republic, Germany’s first democracy, was a period of prolific creativity in literature.  Writers portrayed topics such as changing perceptions of gender, new sexual freedom, poverty and inequality, and Read More

German Fairy Tales

This course will explore German Fairy Tales and youth literature from the 19th century to the present. We will begin with some of the world-famous fairy tales by the Brothers Read More

The 20th Century in Film

In the 20th century, film emerged as an exciting and frightening new medium. Whether intended to spread political propaganda, provide an entertaining escape from daily life, or to experiment with Read More

German Civilization & Culture

In the span of a century the politics and culture of Germany have changed dramatically many times over.  Some of the topics we’ll discuss in this course include urban modernization Read More

Horror and the Grotesque

German literature is seldom lighthearted, but at certain periods in history authors wrote some especially dark and creepy texts, many of which are bizarrely funny at the same time.  Suppose Read More

Global Germany: Risks and Rewards

Germany is regarded as the dominant force in European politics and finance and it has taken a unique leadership role in the current refugee crisis. Since its reunification in 1989, Read More

German Reading and Writing

Designed as an introduction to literature for students who have developed basic German language skills, this course will enable you to read German fiction with greater ease and appreciation.  In Read More

German Conversation

When you are trying to improve your German conversation skills, you need to learn some new vocabulary, strengthen your grasp of grammar concepts, and listen to more spoken German. We Read More

Around the World: German Travel Writing

Descriptions of travel, be they real or fictional, have entertained and enlightened listeners and, later, readers for millennia. Travel is thus rightly regarded as one of the most exciting literary Read More

Diversity in Germany

With the flood of refugees into Germany and Europe, the question of diversity within the continent has never been more important. Although American media has focused on images of Germans Read More