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General Language Resources

  • Coffee Break Academy (Beginning lessons in several languages)
  • Duolingo (Free language learning course with listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
  • Forvo (Pronunciation Guide: Hear any word pronounced)
  • Goethe Verlag (Beginning vocabulary and phrase lists with pronunciation)
  • I Kinda Like Languages (Introductory lessons for many languages)
  • LangMedia (Introduction to everyday language in several languages)
  • Mango Languages (Language-learning app that’s highly popular.)
  • Memrise (Sets of flashcards and courses for many languages)
  • Quizlet (Contains sets of flashcards for many different languages)
  • Tinycards (Flashcards for many different languages. If a language is offered through Duolingo, Tinycards will have flashcards decks linked to the Duolingo lessons.)
  • Transparent Language (Language learning online made personal.)
  • TuneIn (Search by language to find a variety of radio stations)
  • Chegg (Create your own flashcards)
  • OptiLingo (Amazing set of diverse resources)