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Service Perspective

Teaching someone to swim involves more than just throwing them in the water.  It is always a good idea to show them what to do once they are in the water, and preferably before they are in over their heads.  Similarly, such processes as scanning documents into Portable Document Files, converting them from Portable Document Files to Word Documents, recording audio files for classroom assessment, recording video files and uploading them to You Tube, using language instruction software such as Rosetta Stone and My Spanish Lab, enabling pop-ups on personal laptops to accommodate My Spanish Lab activities, creating Power Point presentations, resizing images using Photoshop, and capturing screens using Paint Shop Pro often require some instruction to those who have never performed these operations before.  Showing students how to do such things is part of the service mission of the Language Resource Center in addition to providing tutorial services designed to advance their second language acquisition.  At the LRC, we stand ready to help any who are in need of and receptive to technological and linguistic assistance.

Your technological partner in a changing educational world!