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Resource Center Computers

Student multimedia project development as well as computer-based testing must depend on reliable high-speed equipment to meet the multimedia needs of today’s online development and testing environments and the computer workstations selected for the Language Resource Center provide both. Many Resource Center computers are actually workstations designed for higher speeds and greater storage. Their Xeon CPUs, high speed DIMMs, discrete Nvidia graphics cards, and faster than usual front-side busses, ensure a smooth testing experience for our students unencumbered by the hesitations and delays typical of lesser equipment. Generally, our desktop systems are of three types: Dell Precision Workstation T5500s and Dell Optiplex 7010s providing more than enough power for Microsoft Office applications, Rosetta Stone and our Canvas-based online testing.

                                                                       Dell Precision Workstation T5500

You can always find a computer at the Resource Center!