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Resource Center Tutoring

Language tutoring in Spanish and French is available at the Language Resource Center, supported by our numerous native speaker language table graduate students who are eager to share their considerable understanding of their native languages and cultures with those students savvy enough to engage their expertise. Available regularly at the Resource Center, our language table graduate students are experienced international language instructors teaching beginning and intermediate Spanish and French classes at UD in addition to serving as language table consultants. All tutoring is free and available without prior appointment on specific days and at specific times.

It should be noted that French and Spanish graduate student tutors operating on behalf of the Language Resource Center but under the auspices of the Language Proficiency Center are available to assist students in acquiring their second language.  These students provide assistance with 100-level compositions, video projects, and understanding grammar, and are also available to engage language students in culturally and linguistically authentic conversation practice in the target language.  However, students wishing to receive tutoring from members of the Language Proficiency Center (LPC) must sign-up for times on-line in advance.  LPC tutoring is free to all undergraduate language students and is now scheduled online via the following link:

The Language Proficiency Center Scheduling Site