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Introduction to Game Studies

Contributes to Game Studies Minor, University Breadth Requirement Group A, CAS Group A, Multicultural Course This course aims to acquaint students with the major genres of videogames produced around the Read More

Theoretical and Practical Issues in Foreign Language Pedagogy

Graduate assistants enrolled in this course will study current perspectives on foreign language instruction and have extensive hands-on experience with the implementation of effective language teaching strategies.  Emphasis will be Read More

To Hell and Back: Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Medieval World

Dante’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, is a true encyclopedia of medieval learning and culture. In this course we will read selections from it that bring into focus the history and Read More

Topics in Russian and Soviet Culture: Tempting Fate- Duels and Deals

Everyone has heard of “Russian roulette”; Germans coined the term after observing bored Russian soldiers participating in the dangerous game.  Indeed, the idea of tempting fate is quite Russian; one Read More

“Israeli Film – Reflecting Dramatic Change” – taught in English

To die or not to die (for your country)? This course studies fascinating topics in Israeli film, such as the Construction and Deconstruction of the heroic Israeli Sabra, and Ethnic Groups Read More

Gods, Heroes & Monsters

The subject of Classical Greek and Roman mythology is a broad one, and this course will focus on myth as presented primarily in the medium of epic poetry. The course Read More

Essential Foreign Language: Russian for Military Purposes

No prior knowledge of Russian is required for this basic course designed to provide students with an introduction to military-related terminology and Russian culture. Students will gain confidence in their ability Read More

Language Syllabus and Materials Development

Wondering how to select a textbook, or how to put together the syllabus for your next language course? Interested in creating your own teaching materials? This course will give you Read More

Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages in the Elementary Schools

Have you ever asked yourself why children have a reputation for being natural language learners? Languages and children are a perfect match. Children like to explore, are eager to express themselves Read More

Methods of Teaching Foreign Language

Methods of Teaching Foreign Language addresses both the theory and practice of teaching a modern language and includes reflecting upon and discussing assigned readings in the text in order to Read More