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Readings in Chinese Culture

This course aims to improve students’ reading and writing proficiency through rigorously reading and responding to essays on Chinese culture. Students will have a chance to develop their abstract reasoning Read More

Readings in Chinese Literature

The course introduces students to representative works in Chinese culture and literature. It focuses on cultural tradition(s), literary conventions and innovations, genres, and major cultural movements. The course has a Read More

Business Chinese

This advanced intermediate Chinese language course prepares students for effective communication in casual and formal business settings. While systemically providing trainings in all four aspects of language study (listening, speaking, Read More

Chinese Calligraphy

This course introduces students to the rich art of Chinese calligraphy. Students will first learn how to use brush pen to practice Chinese calligraphy after learning Tai Chi and meditation. Students will learn basics of Chinese painting and be able Read More

Chinese Grammar and Composition

This course aims at a further development of all four language skills which the students have acquired from the 100-level CHIN courses. In particular, the course emphasizes a further study Read More

Readings in Chinese Culture II

This course aims to improve students’ reading and writing proficiency through rigorously reading and responding to literary works and essays related to the issues facing Chinese intellectuals. Students will have Read More

Classical Chinese

This class introduces basic grammatical structures, syntactic patterns, and historical development of classical Chinese. It offers basic training in classical Chinese through translation and discussion in class, focusing on grammar Read More

Advanced Readings in Chinese

This course is designed to improve students’ integrated language skills through dialogues from TV programs and films. Students will develop abilities to comprehend authentic language materials, understand features of spoken Read More

Advanced Intermediate Chinese I

This is a four-skilled course providing training in all areas of language use with a strong emphasis on reading and listening comprehension. Students will be exposed to authentic and communicative Read More