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Tora-san’s Runaway

  Tora-San, an eccentric and resourceful tramp, is always cheerful. Although he is an orphan, he decides to go back home after a long absence. He thus sees again his Read More

Stray Dog

  Murukami, a young homicide detective, has his pocket picked on a bus and loses his pistol. Frantic and ashamed, he dashes about trying to recover the weapon without success Read More

The Most Beautiful

  During World War II, the management of a war industry of optical instruments for weapons requests an effort from the workers to increase the productivity during four months. The Read More

The Bad Sleep Well

  A vengeful young man marries the daughter of a corrupt industrialist in order to seek justice for his father’s suicide.

The Castle of Sand

  Detectives investigate the murder of an old man found in a Tokyo rail yard.