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The Second Tragic Fantozzi

  The film presents the frustrating adventures of a humble employee, Fantozzi, who is obliged to fulfill the wishes and orders of his bosses.  At the beginning of the film, Read More

Nothing Left to Do But Cry

  The story of Nothing Left to Do But Cry follows Saverio (Benigni) and Mario (Troisi), a school teacher and a janitor respectively, who get caught in a huge rainstorm Read More

Marilyn’s Eyes

  Most of the characters in Marilyn’s Eyes have mental health issues that have gotten them into trouble with the law. Diego (Stefano Accorsi) lost his last job as a Read More

Bread, Love and Dreams

  The film is set in Sagliena, an imaginary small town in central Italy; Marshal Antonio Carotenuto, an elderly womanizer who will have to adapt to the monotonous and quiet Read More

Manual of Love

  Manual of Love is a 2005 Italian blockbuster romantic comedy film in four quartets. Each of the four episodes follows a different couple, focusing on a particular stage of a Read More

The Pilgrim of Love

  A mature countess and a pseudo-specialist have rented a villa by the sea and, avoiding police surveillance, run a clandestine gambling den.  Two suitors at the gambling house which Read More


  Francesco is a 1989 docu-drama relating in flashback to St. Francis of Assisi’s evolution from rich man’s son to religious humanitarian and finally to full-fledged saint. The film was Read More

Tale of Tales

  Three rulers in neighboring kingdoms deal with their obsessions: one king is a fornicating libertine, another is captivated by a strange animal, and a queen is consumed by her Read More

The Day of the Owl

  In Sicily, truck driver Salvatore Colasberna is murdered while delivering a load of cement to a highway construction project. The murder takes place within sight and earshot of the Read More

The Last Emperor

  This sweeping account of the life of Pu Yi (John Lone), the last emperor of China, follows the leader’s tumultuous reign. After being captured by the Red Army as Read More