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Couch Potatoes

  Together with his ex-wife, famous journalist Giorgio cares for his teenage son, Tito. However, the father and son have a difficult relationship, and Tito prefers to spend his time Read More

Like a Cat on a Highway

  They’d never have met if their children hadn’t decided to become a couple. Monica and Giovanni, both the victims of ruthless prejudices with regard to their respective social classes, Read More

Secrets, Secrets

  Young terrorist Laura shoots both a judge and a gang member, and over time her violent act becomes a thread linking the lives of several other women, ultimately directing Read More

The Sacrifice

  The Sacrifice with English Russian Spanish Italian Swedish Danish Czech Basque Turkish Portuguese Arabic Chinese subtitles is a 1986 Swedish film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Starring Erland Josephson, it Read More

The Romanovs: An Imperial Family

  The Romanovs: An Imperial Family with English subtitles is a 2000 Russian film by Gleb Panfilov about the last days of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. The Russian Read More

The Return

  Two teenage Russian boys have their father return home suddenly after being absent for 12 years. The father takes the boys on a holiday to a remote island on Read More


  In the sixties Romano Amato, his wife Rosa and their two sons Giancarlo and Gigi emigrate from Solino in Italy to Duisburg in the Ruhr area and establish the Read More


  A Sicilian family deals with the arrival of a group of immigrants on their island.

The Great Beauty

  Jep Gambardella has seduced his way through the lavish nightlife of Rome for decades, but after his 65th birthday and a shock from the past, Jep looks past the Read More