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  Roberto Rossellini’s film, made in the aftermath of WWII, consists of six distinct chapters, showing various relationships between the American occupiers and the newly liberated Italians. Two of the Read More

Rome Open City

  Resistance leader Luigi Ferrari is pursued by Major Fritz Bergmann, a German intelligence officer who wants the names of others in the underground movement. Ferrari enlists the help of Read More

Like Crazy

  In Tuscany, two women escape from a psychiatric facility and go on an adventure that will change their lives.  Beatrice is a motor-mouthed fantasist, a self-styled billionaire countess who Read More

Family Game

  A sendup of the stereo-typical Japanese family: dad is a typical salaryman, unable to relate to anyone; mom is a hopeless housewife; the older son is a moderate academic Read More

Shall We Dance?

  Successful middle-aged accountant Shohei Sugiyama (Koji Yakusho) has a loving wife (Hideko Hara) and a beautiful daughter, but for some reason feels unfulfilled with his life. One night, while Read More

Summer Wars

  A young math genius solves a complex equation and inadvertently puts a virtual world’s artificial intelligence in a position to destroy Earth.

Your Name

  Mitsuha is the daughter of the mayor of a small mountain town. She’s a straightforward high school girl who lives with her sister and her grandmother and has no Read More

Three Men and a Cradle

  Jacques, Pierre, and Michel are three adult friends who enjoy single life until they find themselves stuck  with a baby.

All The Mornings Of The World

  It’s late 17th century. The viola da gamba player Monsieur de Sainte Colombe comes home to find that his wife died while he was away. In his grief he Read More

Too Beautiful for You

  A car dealer, well-to-do and with a beautiful wife, finds himself attracted to his rather plain new temporary secretary. Despite her own commitments she feels the same and the Read More