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Farewell My Concubine

  In 1924, young Cheng Dieyi (Leslie Cheung) begins training at the Beijing Opera House at the same time as Duan Xiaolou (Fengyi Zhang). Cheng specializes in playing female parts, Read More

Black Snow

  After years in jail, Li Huiqian (Wen Jiang) is released and goes back to living in his childhood home, where only a handful of extended family members now reside. Read More


  Shower is a heartwarming story that examines the current state of Chinese culture where cherished traditions are being abandoned by the modern world.  A young, wealthy businessman’s icy attitude Read More

Shadow Magic

  Shadow Magic is a historical fiction film about the introduction of motion pictures into China during the early 20th century.  The film is set in Beijing, 1902, in the Read More

Red Sorghum

  Young Jiu’er (Gong Li) is sent by her parents to marry an old leper who owns a distillery. As she is being carried over the sorghum fields, bandits attack Read More


  In this visually arresting martial arts epic set in ancient China, an unnamed fighter (Jet Li) is being honored for defeating three of the king’s most dangerous enemies. When Read More

Ju Dou

  Ju Dou (Gong Li), the young bride of Yang Jin-shan (Wei Li), who is the tyrannical owner of a silk-dyeing business, is forced to endure her husband’s violent tendencies Read More

The Soul of Bread

  Gao-bing works in a bakery in a small town. The owner, Mr Chiu, is totally into his Rock ‘n ‘Roll band, and his apprentice, Di, doesn’t seem enthusiastic about Read More

Tale of Tales

  Three rulers in neighboring kingdoms deal with their obsessions: one king is a fornicating libertine, another is captivated by a strange animal, and a queen is consumed by her Read More

Mamma Roma

  After years spent working as a prostitute in her Italian village, middle-aged Mamma Roma (Anna Magnani) has saved enough money to buy herself a fruit stand so that she Read More