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  In 1914, with men gone to war, Marcel Proust hired Céleste Albaret as his attendant. More than eight years later, she was at his side when he died. During Read More

Making Up!

  An original satire about women of the 90s in search of the men of their dreams. Franzy believes she’s through with men, but desperately needs new amorous story lines Read More

Council of the Gods

  Based on the 1947 book I.G. Farben, by American author Richard Sasuly, and records from the Nuremberg Trial of the chemical giant I.G. Farben, Council of the Gods is Read More

Chinese Roulette

  Both members of a wealthy couple whose daughter Angela, a young teen who walks with crutches, tell each other that they are off for the weekend on business (he Read More

A Love in Germany

  In May of 1983, a man turns 49 and, with his 17-year old son, journeys to the village in Baden that he left 40 years before. He wants to Read More

The Best Intentions

  The story of Ingmar Bergman’s parents. In 1909, poor, idealistic theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Anna Åkerbloom, the intelligent, educated daughter of a rich family in Read More

Berlin Schönhauser Corner

  The corner of Schönhauser Allee in East Berlin is the main meeting place for a group of adolescents. Dieter is a construction worker who falls in love with Angela. Read More

Until the End of the World

  Set in 1999, a woman (Dommartin) has a car accident with some bank robbers, who enlist her help to take the bank money to a drop in Paris. On Read More

Maybe… Maybe Not

  Self-assured ladies’ man Axel Feldheim (Til Schweiger) is supposed to be faithful to girlfriend Doro (Katja Riemann). But when she discovers him sleeping with another woman, she boots him Read More

The Blue Angel

  Germany 1924. Middle aged Dr. Immanuel Rath is a literature professor at a boys college. Most of his students don’t much like him, often calling him “unrath” – German Read More