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Journey of Hope

  The movie tells of a family that leaves its secure life in a hill village of Turkey, and travels by rail, ship, car, truck, and finally on foot toward Read More


  A handicapped Sudanese girl (Kim Engelbrecht) becomes a champion swimmer with the help of a burnt-out sportswriter (Giulio Brogi). The film, inspired by the true story of Sarah Gadalla Read More

Underground Game

  To find the woman of his life, man makes a game up: he enters a subway train wagon, picks a woman he likes and waits to see whether she’s Read More

Black Orpheus

  In the heady atmosphere of Rio’s carnival, two people meet and fall in love. Eurydice, a country girl, has run away from home to avoid a man who arrived Read More

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

  In a small city of Brazil, a woman named Flor marries a man named Vadinho, but once married she finds that he is a good-for-nothing. She works teaching cooking Read More

Marianne & Juliane

  Sisters Marianne (Barbara Sukowa) and Juliane (Jutta Lampe) are as similar, and as different, as can be. Marianne is a journalist who believes the only way to enact meaningful Read More

Under the Same Moon

  Under The Same Moon (La Misma Luna) tells the parallel stories of nine-year-old Carlitos and his mother, Rosario. In the hopes of providing a better life for her son, Read More

Suck Me Shakespeer

  A comedy that follows an ex-con who lands a position at a school that sits over the spot where money from one of his earlier robberies was stashed. Bank Read More

Triumph of the Will

  A legendary propaganda/documentary of the Third Reich’s 1934 Nuremberg Party Rally. Featuring a cast of thousands as well as, of course, Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Hess, Goering and other top Read More


  Made by Riefenstahl to document the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, this film was the first Olympics documentary ever made. Often viewed as propaganda, much like Triumph of the Will, Read More