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  The Russian poet Andrei Gorchakov, accompanied by guide and translator Eugenia, is traveling through Italy researching the life of an 18th-century Russian composer. In an ancient spa town, he Read More

Night Watch

  Hundreds of years ago there was a battle between the Warriors of Light and the evil Warriors of Darkness. Realizing that they were evenly matched, the two sides agreed Read More


  Still living under the same roof, Moscow couple Boris and Zhenya are in the terrible final stages of a bitter divorce. Under those circumstances, as both have already found Read More

Love and Lies

  High school student Katya Shevchenko (Tatyana Aksyuta) moves to a new district and meets classmate Roman Lavochkin (Nikita Mikhaylovsky) at school. Gradually their friendship grows into love, which appears Read More


  Set in the fictional town of Pribrezhny, Russia, the plot follows the tragic series of events that affect Kolya (Aleksei Serebryakov), a hotheaded car mechanic, his second wife Lilya Read More


  Tatyana is a beautiful Russian nurse who is underpaid at her hospital job, so she becomes a prostitute catering to international tourists. She is well paid in dollars, which Read More

How I Ended This Summer

  On a desolate island in the Arctic Circle, two men work at a small meteorological station, taking readings from their radioactive surroundings.  Sergei, a gruff professional in his fifties, Read More

Hell’s Bells

  Nikolai Knyazev works in a TV repair shop. God has blessed him with golden hands and heart, yet the majority of his fellow-town folk think he’s a bit nutty, Read More


  June 1946: Stalin invites Russian emigres to return to the motherland. It’s a trap: when a ship-load from France arrives in Odessa, only a physician and his family are Read More


  Lyubov Orlova plays an American circus artist who, after giving birth to a black baby (played by James Lloydovich Patterson), immediately becomes a victim of racism and is forced Read More