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The Castle of Cagliostro

  A dashing thief, his gang of desperadoes and an intrepid policeman struggle to free a princess from an evil count’s clutches, and learn the hidden secret to a fabulous Read More

Castle in the Sky

  A young boy stumbles onto a mysterious girl who floats down from the sky. The girl, Sheeta, is being chased by pirates and army and government secret agents. In Read More

The Castle of Sand

  Detectives investigate the murder of an old man found in a Tokyo rail yard.


  Three years ago, members of a cult sabotaged Tokyo’s water supply, killing hundreds and poisoning thousands, before committing mass suicide on the outskirts of town and having their ashes Read More

Double Suicide

  Successful and married with children, paper-mill owner Jihei (Kirchiemon Nakamura) knows better than to contradict the strict social and moral codes of 18th-century Japan. But when he meets the Read More

Drunken Angel

  After a battle with rival criminals, a small-time gangster is treated by an alcoholic doctor in post-war Japan. The doctor diagnoses the young gangster’s tuberculosis, and convinces him to Read More

Ghost in the Shell

  In this Japanese animated film, cyborg federal agent Maj. Motoko Kusanagi (Mimi Woods) trails “The Puppet Master” (Abe Lasser), who illegally hacks into the computerized minds of cyborg-human hybrids. Read More

Grave of the Fireflies

  A devastating meditation on the human cost of war, this animated tale follows Seita (Tsutomu Tatsumi), a teenager charged with the care of his younger sister, Setsuko (Ayano Shiraishi), Read More

The Human Condition I: No Greater Love

  A Japanese pacifist, unable to face the dire consequences of conscientious objection, is transformed by his attempts to compromise with the demands of war-time Japan.

The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity

  Kaji is sent to the Japanese army labeled Red and is mistreated by the vets. Along his assignment, Kaji witnesses cruelties in the army; he revolts against the abusive Read More