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Essential Art House: Hidden Fortress

  One of the greatest action-adventure films ever made, The Hidden Fortress stands alongside the finest achievements of its creator—Japanese film master Akira Kurosawa. Produced in 1958, this thrilling Cinemascope Read More

After Life

  After people die, they spend a week with counselors, also dead, who help them pick one memory, the only memory they can take to eternity. They describe the memory Read More

Afraid To Die

  On his release from prison a young yakuza, along with his brother, decides to turn his back on criminal life instead of taking over the position of his recently Read More

Adieu, Galaxy Express 999: Last Stop Andromeda

  Adieu Galaxy Express 999 is a 1981 sequel to the film adaptation of Galaxy Express 999.  Adieu presents an entirely new story line which takes place three years after Read More

Black Rain

  Mr. and Mrs. Shizuma, and their niece Yasuko, make their way through the ruins of Hiroshima, just after the atomic bomb has dropped. Five years later, Yasuko is living Read More


  Audition is a 1999 Japanese horror film directed by Takashi Miike, based on the 1997 novel by Ryu Murakami. It is about a widower, Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi), whose Read More

The Bad Sleep Well

  A vengeful young man marries the daughter of a corrupt industrialist in order to seek justice for his father’s suicide.

Barefoot Gen

  Gen and his family are living in Hiroshima as Japan nears the end of World War II. Gen’s father has come to believe that the war is unwinnable, thus Read More

Battle Royale

  Forty-two 9th graders are sent to a deserted island. They are given a map, food, and various weapons. An explosive collar is fitted around their neck. If they break Read More

Battle Royale II: Requiem

  Three years after the events in “Battle Royale,” the survivors of previous Battle Royales have formed a rebel group called the Wild Seven, led by Shuya Nanahara. A class Read More