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  Spiderweb is a British short film directed by National Film and Television School graduate Paul Miller. It is a fairly faithful adaptation of “Death and the Compass”, a 1942 Read More

Lady Nitwit

  Intellectual Nise and her seemingly featherbrained sister Finea are in need of husbands – a situation their mother has well in hand.  It’s the penniless poet and cavalier Laurencio Read More

Ronda – 50 Goyescas – Soñando el Toreo

  On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Goyesque bullfighting, Fundación Málaga has sponsored the DVD “Ronda 50 Goyescas soñando el toreo”, which reviews the years of Ronda’s bullfighting Read More

The Civilizers: Germans in Guatemala

  Since the introduction of coffee growing, the history of Guatemala has been dictated by a small but very influential German community. In The Civilizers, the old coffee barons lead Read More

Julio Cortázar – Interview on the program “A fondo”

  On March 20, 1977, Joaquín Soler Serrano interviews the Argentine writer, who assures us that his birth in Brussels was purely accidental and recounts his childhood memories. He talks Read More

Reflections on Authors: Carlos Fuentes

  Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012), interviewed by Silvia Lemus in 1983, reads a portion of La región más transparente, tells stories from his childhood and talks about his connection to the Read More

Nueba Yol

  The humble and hardworking Orodoto Balbuena finally gets an opportunity to realize his lifelong dream of reaching New York and living the “American Dream”, but soon finds out that Read More

Live-in Maid

  During the Argentine economic crisis of the early 2000s, Beba, who was once wealthy, does not have enough money to pay her live-in maid, Dora. Without her husband’s financial Read More

Love Is a Bitch

  Amores Perros is a bold, intensely emotional, and ambitious story of lives that collide in a Mexico City car crash. Inventively structured as a triptych of overlapping and intersecting Read More

Memories of Underdevelopment

  In the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Sergio (Sergio Corrieri), an affluent writer, chooses to stay behind in Cuba while his wife and family escape to neighboring Read More