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  The Mexican revolution began one hundred years ago with the overthrow of the country’s dictatorial President Porfirio Díaz.  Revolución is a portmanteau film in which ten directors look back Read More

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

  In April 2002, the democratically elected Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, faces a coup d’état by an American-backed opposition party. The two-day coup fails to topple Chávez, but the tumultuous Read More

The Swamp

  Mecha, a woman in her 50s with several teenage children and a husband, Gregorio, wants to remain looking young. In order to avoid the hot and humid weather of Read More


  Antique dealer Jesus Gris (Federico Luppi) stumbles across Cronos, a 400-year-old scarab that, when it latches onto him, grants him youth and eternal life — but also a thirst Read More

Taxi, An Encounter

  Esteban (Diego Peretti) has a special affinity for stealing cars. In particular, he enjoys hijacking taxis and playing the role of a cab driver. But when one night, in Read More

Rabbit on the Moon

  Though around them a criminal world seethes, Julie and Antonio are a young and loving couple with a new baby and a solid, white-collar sense of stability. But when Read More


  Twelve-year-old Pablo aka Pellet is stuck in a deeply abusive home ruled by his tyrannical father when he meets a new classmate, Alfredo, who befriends Pablo and introduces him Read More

José Martí: The Eye of the Canary

  This historical drama, depicting different phases in the late childhood and youth of the so-called “Apostle of Cuba” José Martí, is most of the time a biopic full of Read More

The Violin

  An elderly Mexican musician, Don Plutarco (Ángel Tavira), leads a traveling band that also includes his son, Genaro (Gerardo Taracena), and grandson, Lucio (Mario Garibaldi). Determined to fight the Read More

Every Time We Say Goodbye

  An American pilot in Jerusalem during World War II falls in love with a young Sephardic Jewish woman while he is recuperating from a serious injury after his plane Read More