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Walking the Streets of Moscow

  Volodya is an aspiring writer from Siberia. His first short story has just been published in the magazine Yunost (“Youth”), and a famous author, Voronin, has invited him to Read More

Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future

  The story begins in 1973 Moscow, where engineer Aleksandr “Shurik” Timofeyev (Aleksandr Demyanenko) is working on a time machine in his apartment. By accident, he sends Ivan Vasilievich Bunsha Read More

We Call Him Robert

  A constructor Sergei creates a robot Robert as his own copy. Tanya teaches Robert to feel and the robot becomes more human than his rationalistic creator…

The Cranes Are Flying

  As the clouds of war spread over Russia during Germany’s surprise invasion in 1941, the fervent young lovers, the sensitive Veronika and the stalwart Boris, are parted when the Read More


  Vovochka is 10 years old, tireless and irrepressible and has a God-given talent for stirring up trouble. He’s also a particularly inventive daredevil who’s more than a match for Read More

The Barber of Siberia

  Douglas is a foreign entrepreneur, who ventures to Russia in 1885 with dreams of selling a new, experimental steam-driven timber harvester in the wilds of Siberia. Jane is his Read More

Beware of the Car

  Yuri Detochkin (Smoktunovsky) is a humble Soviet insurance agent who steals cars from corrupt Soviet officials in a manner akin to Robin Hood, disappointed by the militsiya being unable Read More

Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair

  A czar tries to thwart a fairy creature’s claim on his son by swapping babies with a fisherman, but complications arise later on when the creature’s beautiful daughter needs Read More

A Cruel Romance

  The film is a cinematographic adaptation of the classical Russian play “Dowry-less” by A. Ostrovsky which features a widowed noblewoman Kharita Ignatyevna Ogudalova, who comes from a very respected Read More

Donkey’s Hide

  Based on the classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault, this delightful story follows Therese, daughter of the widowed King Gaston IX. Therese’s christening conjures a wicked fairy who foretells Read More