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The Diamond Arm

  Semyon Gorbunkov goes on a cruise. In Istanbul, he slips and breaks his arm. What he didn’t know is that this was a signal for a gang of smugglers Read More

Gentlemen of Fortune

  The movie follows the story of an amiable kindergarten principal named Troshkin who looks exactly like a cruel criminal nicknamed Dotsent who has stolen Alexander the Great’s helmet at Read More

The Golden Horns

  A long time ago a splendid deer with golden antlers lived in the woods, always protecting the poor and weak and disdaining evil. In a little village nearby the Read More

Anna Karenina

  The young and beautiful aristocrat Anna Karenina (Tatyana Samoylova) is married to Alexei Karenin (Nikolai Gritsensko), a man 20 years her senior. While traveling, Anna meets the dashing Count Read More

The Idiot part 4

  Part 9 Aglae suffered a terrible insult: Prince Myshkin, filled with compassion for Natasya Filipovna, subsequently preferred Epanchina. Part 10 Natasya Filippovna and the prince are preparing for the Read More

The Idiot part 3

  Part 6 Natasya Filippovna wants to arrange a marriage between Myshkin and Aglaya in spite of their own feelings for the prince. Part 7 The prince is upset because Read More

The Idiot part 2

  Part 4 Rogozhin jealous of his beloved and Prince Myshkin. He plans to kill him. Part 5 The son of Pavlishchev, who had left the entirety of his estate Read More

Prisoner of the Mountains

  On patrol in the Caucasus mountains, Russian soldiers Vanya (Sergei Bodrov Jr.) and Sacha (Oleg Menshikov) become the prisoners of a Chechen village. Tribal leader Abdul-Murat (Jemal Sikharulidze) is Read More

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

  Living together in a workers’ dorm, Katerina (Vera Alentova) and her friends are determined to make it in Moscow. But when a boorish cameraman (Juri Wassiliev) forces himself on Read More

Luna Papa

  In a small village not far from Samarkand, seventeen-year-old Mamlakat dreams of becoming an actress. One moonlit night, she is seduced by a mysterious stranger who claims to be Read More