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Live Flesh

  Elena (Francesca Neri), the smacked-out daughter of an Italian diplomat is expecting a house call from her dealer.  She gets an unexpected visit from Victor (Liberto Rabal), a stranger Read More

Dark Habits

  Yolanda, a nightclub singer and junkie, decides to hide out rather than face the cops when her boyfriend dies from a drug overdose.  She winds up at a convent Read More

For a Few Dollars More

  In the Wild West, a murderous outlaw known as El Indio (Gian Maria Volonte) and his gang are terrorizing and robbing the citizens of the region. With a bounty Read More

Foreign Land

  During a time of political upheaval in Brazil, two strangers (Fernanda Torres, Fernando Alves Pinto) meet by coincidence and end up caught in the middle of a gem smuggling Read More

First Name: Carmen

  Carmen, a member of a terrorist gang, seduces the hapless policeman Joseph, who tries to arrest her during a bank robbery.  Fleeing together, they hide out with her eccentric Read More


  In 1820s St. Petersburg, Russia, the cynical nobleman Onegin (Ralph Fiennes) finds himself the new owner of a country estate following the death of his uncle. Deciding to abandon Read More


  A Sicilian family deals with the arrival of a group of immigrants on their island.

Which Way Home

  “Which Way Home” is a feature documentary film that follows unaccompanied child migrants, on their journey through Mexico, as they try to reach the United States. We follow children Read More

French Postcards

  French Postcards is a 1979 romantic-comedy film about a group of American exchange students who spend a year studying in Paris. Madame Catherine Tessier (Marie-France Pisier), who with her Read More

Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman

  Gina (Diana Bracho) is a modern business woman in her late forties.  She has a lover named Adrian, whom she sees once in a while just to have sex.  Read More