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  ‘Berenice’ is the fifth of nine plays written by Jean Racine between 1664 and 1677 before his sudden and still unexplained decision to give up the theater. One of Read More

Follow Your Heart

  A grandmother writes a diary for her nephew.  Her grandson finds the diary after her death and discovers the family’s true story.  Written by his grandmother (Olga) as she Read More

Hibiscus Town

  Hibiscus Town is about victimization, humiliation, and salvation in a small Chinese village before, during, and after the Cultural Revolution.  Its central character, born of a capitalist inn keeper, Read More


  Young Sicilian girl Cabiria (Lidia Quaranta) and her nurse, Croessa (Gina Marangoni), survive a devastating volcanic eruption, only to be taken by Phoenicians to Carthage. As the second of Read More

Grandes Personajes a Fondo

  Grandes Personajes a Fondo: Carmen Martín Gaite, Jesús Fernández Santos is a video recording of interviews given to two well-known authors representative of the “fifties generation” in Spain:  Carmen Read More


  Based on the Greek legend of Theseus, who returned from war with the Minoans to become king of Athens, and took Phèdre, daughter of the vanquished King Minos, to Read More

After Sex

  A group of attractive women get together for a weekend of bonding, hoping to relax and get away from the anxiety of their boyfriends. The women travel out of Read More

Once Were Warriors

  Set in urban Auckland (New Zealand) this movie tells the story of the Heke family. Jake Heke is a violent man who beats his wife frequently when drunk, and Read More

Children of Men

  The world’s youngest citizen has just died at 18, and humankind is facing the likelihood of its own extinction. Set in and around a dystopian London fractious with violence Read More

Imposter – Royal Shakespeare Company

  Clutching ever-present rosary beads, shifting uncomfortably within the hairshirt he wears for continual penance — and always eyeing the women as they pass — Tartuffe, Moliere’s master of unctuous Read More