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Adieu Bonaparte

  In 1798, Napoleon lands his army in Egypt, defeats the Mameluke warlords (the remnants of Ottoman rule), and goes on to Cairo. Three brothers, who are Egyptian patriots, chafe Read More

Reel Bad Arabs

  Reel Bad Arabs takes a devastating tour of the American cinematic landscape, moving from the earliest days of silent film to today’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters to reveal an astonishing Read More

The Open Door

  The film explores a middle-class Egyptian girl’s coming of age, against the background of the growing Egyptian nationalist movement before the 1952 Egyptian revolution.  It examines women’s rights in Read More

I Am Free

  I am Free is associated with the onset of a feminist context to Egyptian films in the 1960s. The film is also known as part of Salah Abu Seif’s Read More

3000 Nights

  The story begins in 1980 Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, with the brutal, middle-of-the-night arrest of newly married schoolteacher Layal (Maisa Abd Elhadi). Her crime: giving a ride Read More

Umm Kulthum: A Voice Like Egypt

  She had the musicality of Ella Fitzgerald, the public presence of Eleanor Roosevelt and the audience of Elvis Presley. Her name was Umm Kulthum, and she became a powerful Read More

Dreams of Hind and Camelia

  Hind and Camilia are two housemaids who are overworked by their employers and mistreated by their male relatives. After many misfortunes and disappointments, they decide to strike out on Read More

Iraqi Women: Voices from Exile

  This documentary film recounts the recent history of Iraq through the eyes and experiences of Iraqi women living in exile in Britain. It looks at the lives of women Read More

Four Women of Egypt

  The film opens with four middle aged women walking on a bridge at the barrages south of Cairo, Egypt. The four women speak throughout the film about Egypt, its Read More

The Silences of the Palace

  Set in 1950s Tunisia, the film is about a 25-year-old woman, Alia, who returns to her place of birth—a prince’s palace in which her mother, Khedija, worked as a Read More