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Art of the Western World From Ancient Rome to Post-Modernism 4

  Volume 4 Into the Twentieth Century  Part I  Paris saw the emergence of the Fauves, and of Picasso and Cubism.  Kandinsky and others experimented with color abstractions.  Part II  Read More

Art of the Western World From Ancient Greece to Post Modernism 3

  Volume 3 An Age of Reason, An Age of Passion  Part I  The playful fantasy and provocative subjects of the Rococo style practiced by Watteau, Fragonard, and Boucher gave Read More

Art of the Western World From Ancient Greece to Post Modernism 2

  Volume 2 The Early Renaissance  Part I  The rebirth of humanistic ideas marked the Renaissance in Italy, as seen in Florentines Chiberti and Botticelli.  Part II  Glowing color and Read More

Art of the Western World From Ancient Greece to Post-Modernism

  Volume 1  The Classical Ideal – Part I  Traces the origins of humanism and the immortal classical style to Ancient Greece.  Probes Greek art and architecture and studies the Read More


  The thriving Roman town of Herculaneum was submerged by massive torrents of ash and mud during the great eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.  The torrents hardened into Read More

Crete and Mycenae

  Over a hundred years ago, just above the rich plain of Argos on the site of Homer’s “golden Mycenae,” archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann unearthed the massive and fabled Lion Gate, Read More


  The rich mosaic of ancient history in Southern Italy was primarily shaped by the interaction of three civilizations: Greek, Italic and Roman.  Paestum has preserved the most remarkable images Read More

Trajan’s Column

  In the year 113 A.D., Roman Emperor Trajan victoriously concluded his two campaigns against the ancient inhabitants of Romania, the Dacians.  To celebrate this sensational and dramatic feat, Trajan Read More

Religion in Roman Life

  Follows the development of Rome’s religion from the early days of the Republic to the period of the Empire.  Examines the large number of foreign religions that supplanted Rome’s Read More

The Hero’s Journey – Transformations of Myth Through Time

  The Hero’s Journey is a 1987 biography of mythologist Joseph Campbell (1904–1987), directed by Janelle Balnicke and David Kennard. In the years just before his death, Campbell was filmed Read More