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The Sun King

  The French musical show that retraces the exceptional life and destiny of Louis XIV.  Sung in French without Subtitles.


  This documentary captures both Rodin’s greatest achievements as an artist, as well as his struggles with the critics and within his personal life. In spite of the complexity of Read More

Romantics & Realists: Courbet

  Gustave Courbet loved to present himself as a hard-drinking, radical-thinking peasant artist in mid-nineteenth century Paris, but his public image was largely a creation of his own, yet with Read More

Seurat and the Bathers

  When Seurat first exhibited his Bathers at Asnieres in 1884, it perplexed but fascinated the few critics who noticed it. Today the picture is one of the most famous Read More

The Woman Next Door

  Bernard lives happily with his wife Arlette and young son Thomas in a village outside Grenoble. One day a married couple, Philippe and Mathilde, move into the house next Read More

Gad Elmaleh: L’autre c’est moi

  Gad Elmaleh is a Moroccan-Canadian stand-up comedian and actor who achieved fame in France, Morocco and the United States. He is best known in the French-speaking world and more Read More

Moliere: Dom Juan

  By transforming the character of Don Juan from unscrupulous seducer into a man of overweening pride, cynicism, and disdain, Moliere turned a Spanish theme into a thoroughly French play Read More

Black Mix-Up

  When a group of African squatters in Paris are threatened with eviction, they find themselves fighting against a bureaucracy that few French citizens understand, let alone immigrants. In desperation, Read More

Tea in the Harem

  Seventeen-year-old Madjid (Kader Boukhanef) and his friend, Pat (Rémi Martin), spend their days indulging in petty crime in a neglected Paris housing project. Madjid, the son of Algerian immigrants, Read More

Four Women of Egypt

  The film opens with four middle aged women walking on a bridge at the barrages south of Cairo, Egypt. The four women speak throughout the film about Egypt, its Read More