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The Spanish Apartment

  Xavier (Romain Duris) is a French university student who moves to Barcelona, Spain, to learn Spanish in order to score a desirable job. Residing in a house with other Read More

Goodbye, Children

  In 1943, Julien (Gaspard Manesse) is a student at a French boarding school. When three new students arrive, including Jean Bonnett (Raphael Fejto), Julien believes they are no different Read More

Thomas Sankara: Fratricide in Burkina, Africa

  Burkina Faso, West Africa. October 15, 1987. Automatic gunfire breaks the evening night’s silence and kills President Thomas Sankara. Had the assassins been sent by his brother in arms, Read More

Monsieur Ibrahim

  The story unfolds in a working-class neighborhood in the Paris of the 1960s. The protagonist, Moїse Schmidt (Momo), is a young Jewish boy growing up without a mother and Read More

Being Jewish in France

  The Jews and the land of ‘Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity’ began their love affair in 1791, when France became the first modern country to proclaim Jewish emancipation. But as Read More

Games of Love and Chance

  A group of teenagers from the housing projects of the Paris suburbs practice a passage from the play Games of Love and Chance by Marivaux for their French class. Read More

The Plays of Georges Feydeau

  A collection of five plays written by Georges Feydeau performed by talented cast members at the Théâtre Marigny, the Théâtre St. Georges, and at La Maison des Arts de Read More

Someone I Loved

  One night, Pierre (Daniel Auteuil) shares a secret with his daughter-in-law, Chloé (Florence Loiret Caille). A secret that has haunted him for two decades, forcing him to confront himself, Read More

The Moon in the Gutter

  Two women: Loretta (Nastassja Kinski), a wealthy amateur photographer who prowls the docks in her early ’60s Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder looking for handsome men, and Bella (Victoria Read More

X2000: The Collected Shorts of François Ozon

  Three naked couples sleep, make love, and awake in an empty skyscraper littered with millennium party debris in one of four provocative shorts from France’s most acclaimed young director, Read More