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Molière: The Hypochondriac

  Hypochondriac Argan’s household revolves around his obsession with his chronic imaginary illnesses. Served by a pair of unscrupulous doctors, Argan even goes so far as to try to marry Read More


  ‘Berenice’ is the fifth of nine plays written by Jean Racine between 1664 and 1677 before his sudden and still unexplained decision to give up the theater. One of Read More


  In the absence of her royal husband, Theseus, thought to be dead, Phèdre declares her love to Hippolyte, Theseus’s son from a previous marriage.   Marie Bell enacts the role Read More

The Taking of Power by Louis XIV

  The film revolves around the French king Louis XIV’s rise to power after the death of his powerful advisor, Cardinal Mazarin. To achieve this political autonomy, Louis deals with Read More

Donkey Skin

  In a magical, faraway land, a widower king (Jean Marais) decrees that he will wed his daughter, the princess (Catherine Deneuve), because she’s the only woman able to match Read More

Life is Rosy

  Kourou (Papa Wemba) is a young man seeking fame and fortune as a singer in Zaire’s capital, Kinshasa. He finds work with Mamou (Landu Nzunzimbu Matshia), the wife of Read More

Quartier Mozart

  A young girl crosses paths with a witch who has the power to satisfy her curiosity about men by changing her into one.  Re-imagining several folk tales into a Read More


  Mossane is a beautiful 14-year-old girl who has just reached marriageable age in a village in Senegal. She has many suitors, including a simple-minded farmer’s son who plans to Read More

Karmen Gei

  Vivacious dissident Karmen Geï (Djeinaba Diop Gai), stuck in a Senegalese prison, performs a dance so erotic and mesmerizing that she seduces the warden, Angelique (Stephanie Biddle), and is Read More


  After being kicked out of her African village three decades earlier for getting pregnant out of wedlock, Linguere (Ami Diakhate) has returned home. While Linguere has done well for Read More