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The Front Line

  Set during a turbulent period in 1970s Italy, the plot centers on passionate couple Sergio and Susanna, who have been living as fugitives for several years. Pursuing an uncompromising Read More

After the War

  Bologna, 2002. Opposition to the Labor Law is exploding at Italian universities. The murder of a judge reopens old political wounds between Italy and France. Marco, a former left-wing Read More

The Son’s Room

  The Son’s Room follows an affluent Italian family through all the stages of grieving. When the teenage son dies in a diving accident, his parents and sister react with Read More

Germany, Year Zero

  In the devastated remains of post-war Germany, 12-year-old Edmund lives with his family and five other families in a battered apartment. His brother, a former Nazi, evades the police Read More

Facing Windows

  Overburdened and stuck in a greying marriage, Giovanna, the young heroine of Ferzan Ozpetek’s Facing Windows, faces a crossroads that appears in the form of an aging man losing Read More

Jack Frusciante Has Left the Band

  Jack Frusciante Has Left the Band tells the story of the relationship between Alex, a 17-year-old rebel, and Aidi, a girl who enters his life out of the blue Read More

Santa Maradona

  Andrea is 27, and he has just graduated from the university with a useless degree and numerous girlfriends. He is full of hope but spends his days looking for Read More

Don’t Move

  A prominent surgeon waits anxiously after his 15-year old daughter, while riding her motor scooter one rainy night, was struck by a car and, now, her life hangs in Read More


  Heart is a television mini-series based on the novel by Edmondo de Amicis and tells the story of children in an elementary school in World War I, through the Read More

World Quest Series: Italy

  From its humble beginnings in 753 BCE, Italy, formerly known as Rome, was once a tiny hilltop village overlooking the Tiber River before becoming the most powerful empire the Read More