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A Question of the Heart

  Alberto’s and Angelo’s “engines seized” on the same night. Angelo is a young body shop owner from a very poor background who has done a bit of everything and Read More

The Mouth of the Wolf

  According to a reporter for Metro, the film “straddles the line between documentary and drama”. It follows an Italian man named Vincenzo Motta (also known as Enzo) who is Read More

The Man Who Will Come

  Winter, 1943. Martina is 8 years old and lives on the slopes of Monte Sole, not far from Bologna. She is the only child of a peasant family who, Read More

My Brother Is an Only Child

  Two brothers come of age in the 1960s in a town south of Rome. Manrico is handsome but sometimes feckless, and is a leftist assisting with the revolution. His Read More

In the Name of the Pope-King

  In 1867, with Garibaldi’s forces close to bringing Rome into the Italian kingdom, Monsignor Colombo da Priverno, a world-weary judge on the papal court, wants to resign, disgusted by Read More

Bread and Chocolate

  Ever-bumbling Nino (Nino Manfredi) is an illegal Italian immigrant working in a Swiss hotel. Waiting on the wealthy, he feels as if he’s carved out his own place in Read More

Johnny Stecchino

  Dante (Roberto Benigni) is a sweet, bumbling school bus driver in Rome, beloved by all, but unlucky in love. That is, until he meets the gorgeous Maria (Nicoletta Braschi), Read More

Shoe Shine

  Though orphan Pasquale (Franco Interlenghi) and his best friend, Giuseppe (Rinaldo Smordoni), squirrel away the money they earn shining shoes in Rome, their dream of buying a horse seems Read More

Padre Padrone

  Padre padrone depicts a Sardinian shepherd who is terrorized by his domineering father and tries to escape by educating himself. He eventually becomes a celebrated linguist. The drama is Read More

Seduced and Abandoned

  When Agnese (Stefania Sandrelli) has a brief affair with her sister’s fiancé, Peppino, it is only a matter of time before her traditional parents discover the truth. Her father, Read More