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Japan Today

This course builds on work the students have done at the 300-level and continue with the textbook Tobira. In addition, students will practice skills such as reading and translation using Read More

Capstone Thesis

This course fulfills the capstone requirement for the Japanese Major concentration, and should be taken in the senior year. Students undertake a research thesis in Japanese that will be organized Read More

Translation Theory and Practice: Modern Japanese Literature

This course explores both the process of translation and the nature of Japanese literature. As well as translating excerpts from Nagai Kafū’s Furansu monogatari (1909), a text currently unavailable in Read More

Advanced Japanese Literature

Students acquire skill in reading works from modern Japanese literature in the original language, and learn how to discuss literature in Japanese – in written essays, informal class discussions, and Read More

Advanced Japanese Grammar

This is a course designed for students who want to achieve a higher level of fluency. The goal is a more natural and native-like use of the language, both in Read More

The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

This is an introductory course in the art of Shodo, Japanese calligraphy. Students will learn the esthetics and styles of traditional calligraphy through exposure to works done by masters and Read More

Advanced Intermediate Japanese II

This course covers the last five chapters of Genki II text book. Students learn to use various grammatical forms to convey different nuances. Classes are conducted in Japanese. Activities include Read More

Advanced Intermediate Japanese I

This course covers the first six chapters of Genki II text book. Students learn to use various grammatical forms to convey different nuances.  Classes are conducted mostly in Japanese.  Activities Read More

Japanese Grammar and Composition

This course is designed for students who have successfully completed JAPN107, and any 200 level courses. The course objective is to review and expand the knowledge of grammar forms at Read More

Using Japanese: Issues in Contemporary Society

The course is designed as an introduction to advanced level Japanese. Topics such as Japanese education system, trade, history, and politics are covered using the textbook and other authentic sources. Read More