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Twenty-Four Eyes

  Schoolteacher Hisako Oishi struggles to imbue her students with a positive view of the world and their place in it, despite the fact that she knows full well that Read More

Max, My Love

  Margaret, the wife of a British diplomat in Paris, is keeping a secret. She’s having an affair—with a chimpanzee. After her husband catches the two of them in flagrante Read More


  Yumiko and Ikuo are a young Osaka couple who have a new baby. One day Ikuo is walking along the railway tracks and is hit and killed by a Read More


  The owner of a high-class Japanese hotel, the Europa, hopes to win a prestigious and lucrative contract for the hotel as the site of a summit meeting between important Read More

The Lower Depths

  Residents of a rundown boardinghouse in 19th-century Japan, including a mysterious old man and an aging actor, get drawn into a love triangle that turns violent. When amoral thief Read More

Late Chrysanthemums

  Late Chrysanthemums interweaves the lives of four retired geisha in Tokyo over a period of four successive days. Kin, the first of the geisha, is a moneylender and a Read More

The Life of Oharu

  In feudal Japan, Oharu (Kinuyo Tanaka), the daughter of royal samurai Shinzaemon (Ichiro Sugai), secretly has a passionate romance with Katsunosuke (Toshirô Mifune), a man of meager social standing. Read More

Shadow Warrior

  Shadow Warrior is set in the Sengoku period of Japanese history and tells the story of a lower-class criminal who is taught to impersonate the dying daimyō Takeda Shingen Read More

Paul Delvaux

  Paul Delvaux was a Belgian painter noted for his dream-like scenes of women, classical architecture, trains and train stations, and skeletons, often in combination. He is often considered a Read More

The 400 Blows

  For young Parisian boy Antoine Doinel, life is one difficult situation after another. Surrounded by inconsiderate adults, including his neglectful parents, Antoine spends his days with his best friend, Read More