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TV Drama from China

  In China, TV drama is a very new media, but it has already proved to be extremely popular among the country’s audiences. The three most common formats are the Read More

China Kaleidoscope Video Series

  A video magazine of issues in contemporary Chinese society and culture. China Kaleidoscope consists of reports from some of China’s best news and information programs. Collected, edited, and translated Read More

Scenery of China – Parts 1 & 2

  China has a vast territory with hundreds of picturesque mountains and rivers. The Qinghai Tibet Plateau: for example, is known as ”The roof of the world.”  Many other places Read More

Amazing Marriage Customs

  Records special features in marriage customs of various Chinese nationalities.  Witness wedding ceremonies from around the globe in this fascinating documentary.

3000 Nights

  The story begins in 1980 Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, with the brutal, middle-of-the-night arrest of newly married schoolteacher Layal (Maisa Abd Elhadi). Her crime: giving a ride Read More

Umm Kulthum: A Voice Like Egypt

  She had the musicality of Ella Fitzgerald, the public presence of Eleanor Roosevelt and the audience of Elvis Presley. Her name was Umm Kulthum, and she became a powerful Read More

Dreams of Hind and Camelia

  Hind and Camilia are two housemaids who are overworked by their employers and mistreated by their male relatives. After many misfortunes and disappointments, they decide to strike out on Read More


  At the Café des Poètes in Paris, a fight breaks out between the poet Orphée (Jean Marais) and a group of resentful upstarts. A rival poet, Cègeste (Edouard Dermithe), Read More

Fellini Satyricon

  Fellini Satyricon, or simply Satyricon, is a 1969 Italian fantasy drama film written and directed by Federico Fellini and loosely based on Petronius’s work Satyricon, written during the reign Read More


  Medea is an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides, based upon the myth of Jason and Medea and first produced in 431 BC. The plot centers on the actions Read More