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Germany: The Reluctant Nation

  Germany, the most prosperous nation in Europe, has come a long way since World War II.  But economics is only a part of the picture.  This program provides some Read More

Rainer Maria Rilke: A Poet’s Cosmology

  Rainer Maria Rilke’s supreme mastery of the German language, which he manipulated with an unprecedented subtlety and plasticity, forms the bedrock upon which his reputation as one of the Read More

George Steiner: Vienna 1900

  Behind 1900 Vienna’s façade of elegance and affluence, a new generation of artists, musicians, writers, and thinkers was struggling to escape the straitjacket of Austro-Hungarian society. In this vintage Read More

Vienna 1900: Recollections of a Viennese Girl in Paris

  Jean-Louis Fournier’s film revisits Imperial Vienna at the turn of the century, a time and place that exploded in social and political change. This program recounts how the opulent Read More

Bavaria It’s Yours! – Deutsches Museum Munich

  Discover the treasures of the largest museum of science and technology in the world: Deutsches Museum Munich.  Take an exciting tour through the history of energy, matter, communications and Read More

Making of the German Nation

  A complete geographical, political and social history of Germany from 1815 through 1985 using narration, still images, and original video footage.  (In English)

Bauhaus: The Face of the 20th Century

  This stunning program looks at the development of the Bauhaus and at the key figures involved in it—including the founder Walter Gropius, his successor Mies van der Rohe, László Read More

The Modern World: Ten Great Writers – Thomas Mann

  This ground-breaking video series combines drama, documentary and critical analysis by renowned authors and critics – including Anthony Burgess, V.S. Pritchett, and Frank Kermode – to illustrate the works Read More

Bertolt Brecht

  A documentary portrait of this bold theatrical innovator and his work. The program shows his roots and the theatrical and social background of his formative years, and analyzes the Read More


  Metamorphosis is an allegorical novella written by Franz Kafka which was first published in 1915. One of Kafka’s best-known works, Metamorphosis tells the story of salesman Gregor Samsa, who Read More