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Theatre of the absurd : Pirandello: Six characters in search of an author

  Brings to light the struggle to define reality evidenced in the theater-of-the-absurd drama of Luigi Pirandello. Focuses on his play Six Characters in Search of an Author, in which Read More

Vatican City: Art & Glory

  Conceived in glory and preserved in art, Vatican City is both the capital of Roman Catholicism and the repository for a sublime array of Italy’s cultural masterpieces. The smallest Read More

Galileo’s Dialogue

  It is said that the apple fell on Newton’s head, but it was Galileo who planted the trees. This program examines The Dialogue–arguably the most controversial book of its Read More

The Life of Verdi

  This miniseries, filmed in Leningrad, London, Paris, and Verdi’s home region of Italy’s Po Valley, required more than 100 actors, 1800 extras, and over 4000 costumes. The program gives Read More

The Shock of Futurism

  Documentary examines the least known and most extreme of all the 20th century AvantGardes, the Futurists, who developed many concepts and artistic principles.

An Introduction to the Italian Renaissance

  Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli, della Francesca and Giotto are just a few of the great masters that are showcased in “An Introduction to the Italian Renaissance Video.” Using a dramatization Read More

The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

  Italian director-writer Renato Castellani has artistically recreated with masterful poetry, beauty and thorough documentation every transcendental detail in Da Vinci’s complex life and legend. Actor Philippe Leroy superbly lives Read More

FLORENCE: Cradle of the Renaissance

  Beginning in the early 15th century, Florence, Italy was the cradle of a rebirth in art, architecture and philosophy, known as The Renaissance. This special Art History and Travel Read More

The Circles of Light : The Divine Comedy

  The most celebrated work of Dante Alighieri is certainly the Divina Commedia— a vision of hell, purgatory, and heaven which providers a strangely surrealistic view of medieval attitudes on Read More

It’s Carnival In Venice

  The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy. The carnival ends on Shrove Tuesday (Martedì Grasso or Mardi Gras), which is the day before the Read More