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Vacation Destinations Around the World – Tyrol, Austria

  Tyrol is a western Austrian state in the Alps that’s known for its ski resorts, historic sites and folk traditions. The capital city, Innsbruck, surrounded by mountains, is home Read More

The Royal Palaces of Ludwig II

  Bavaria is rich in castles and palaces. Three of them rise above all the others and are famous the world over: the Linderhof Palace in the Graswangtal region, the Read More

Portrait of Friedrich Schiller

  Friedrich Schiller 1759-1805, one of the most important German playwrights, is presented in this three-part documentary. It is structured chronologically and covers the most important milestones in his life. Read More

What Does Man Live On?

  Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Tucholsky and Thomas Mann are the focus of this film as the most important representatives of German literature during the time of the Weimar Republic, around Read More

Rilke, Kafka, Expressionism

  This film describes the literature of Expressionism at the beginning of the 20th century. The authors Franz Kafka and Rainer Maria Rilke, as two of the most important representatives Read More

The Rape of Nanking

  About a young Chinese-American author’s journey into the darkest reaches of humanity as she researched and wrote her best selling book “The Rape of Nanking.”  Iris Chang’s harrowing experience Read More

Why We Fight: WW II – The Battle of China & War Comes to America

  Two acclaimed documentaries that were made during World War II, using actual newsreel footage, by three OSCAR winners: Producer-director Frank Capra of the U.S. Signal Corps. composer Dimitri Tiomkin Read More

Modern Marvels – The Great Wall of China

  Winding roughly 6,700 kilometers through undulating mountains, grasslands, and desert, its vastness seems beyond the realm of human possibility. A wonder of the ancient world, the Great Wall of Read More

Forbidden City: The Great Within

  Narrated by Rod Steiger, this timeless program explores the history of imperial China through its symbolic heart: Beijing, the “Forbidden City.”  The program gives a visually stunning tour of Read More

Biography – Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon

  He fought his way from the mean streets of Hong Kong to international superstardom. With blazing fists and a burning passion, he became one of the most celebrated kung-fu Read More